Dear readers,

Welcome to my personal fashion diary.

My name is Sharon, currently 21 y/o and just graduated from my Bachelor Communicationsciences. Since I love writing and I’ve always been into fashion, I decided to start blogging. The main purpose of my blog is to inspire -especially tall- women from all over the world. Trust me, as a tall woman (I’m almost 180 cm/5’10” feet) the fashion-struggle is real. You may wouldn’t notice directly, but for regular clothes I need a size 10 (USA)/40-Large (EUR) and my shoes only fit in size 11 (USA)/42 (EUR). I definitely do not hate my height and curves, I actually feel very blessed, but it can be so hard to find fashionable, affordable and comfortable clothes in the right size. Especially when Spanish brands like Zara & Mango are your favorites. However, in my opinion having an uncommon size should’t stop women from wearing the clothes they love the most, and that’s what made me decide to share my outfits online. I may not always find the items I was looking for in the first place, but eventually there will always be a good alternative that actually fits great. Or sometimes I manage to find a way to combine a smaller item in a way that it still looks great on me, like minidresses for example. So, dear tall women in the world, there’s still enough reason to remain optimistic!

I hope sharing my outfits and tips will help you by finding the right clothes and will inspire you to get the look you’ve always dreamed of!


PS. Please let me know if you’ve got some great ideas for a new outfit. I’d love to hear them! 

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