One Item, Two Outfits!

Dear Wardrobe, If there’s one thing I love about fashion, it is that clothes can be combined in […]

New Dress + BFF Time

Dear Wardrobe, Today I want to introduce you to a special someone, that I’ve known for about 7 […]

Hello 2017!

Dear Wardrobe, Last week was great! I celebrated Christmas on sunday with a huge family dinner and I’ve […]

Exploring ’s Hertogenbosch

Dear Wardrobe,

Sorry for not keeping you posted last weeks. My life has been a bit boring lately, so I didn’t have that much to share. I’ve been visiting the gym a few times and I’ve been chilling, watching series and movies and stuff. Now that I’m writing this down, I realize that my life has really been very boring. I should do something about that. But there’s one thing I’m really excited about.

In Love with the Details

Dear Wardrobe,

Today I just want to share my new Zara top with you. Look at these cute details! And not to mention the great color. I’m in love! This top is one of my best buys for this season. It costs only €16 and it’s so comfy.

My All Time Fall Favorites

Dear Wardrobe, As the days are getting colder, I really swear by having some good basics that I […]

I’ve Got Some New Shoes On!

Dear Wardrobe, As the leaves are falling and the nature is changing, it’s time to change my wardrobe too. Saying […]

A Day of Doing Nothing

Dear Wardrobe, This day wasn’t a very exciting one. I didn’t have any plans for today, so first […]

Just Another Zara Item

Dear Wardrobe, How are you today? I feel great! I’ve spend a few days in Amsterdam with my […]