Amsterdam ST Studio

It’s Good To Be Back

Dear Wardrobe, Finally, after more than three months, I could go back to Amsterdam this week. I always love to be there. There is so much to see and to do. Even just walking around makes me so happy! As always I love to dress up when I go to the city. This time I […]

Spring Is Finally Here!

Dear Wardrobe, Do you have any idea how happy I am, now that spring has officially started? I love this time of the year so much! The sky is blue, trees are turning green again and they get those beautiful white and pink flowers, it’s just perfect. But the best part of it, is that I […]


New Dress + BFF Time

Dear Wardrobe, Today I want to introduce you to a special someone, that I’ve known for about 7 years now. It’s Irene, my best friend since high school. 7 years ago she switched high schools and came to ours. As soon as we (the girls) found out, we kind of ‘decided’ that she was going […]


Hello 2017!

Dear Wardrobe, Last week was great! I celebrated Christmas on sunday with a huge family dinner and I’ve spent a fun week in Amsterdam again, with my love. I’ve also visited my ex-roommates in Utrecht again and celebrated NYE with my love in Amsterdam. So I’ve made a lot of good memories in the last […]


It’s So Fluffy!

Dear Wardrobe, If there’s one thing that can make me feel better, it’s fluffy stuff. I love everything fluffy, really. Even when I see the most fluffy teddy of pillow or whatever in a store, I need to at least touch it. It’s just the softness and harmlessness of it, which feels so good. That’s actually […]

Amsterdam Dress Zara

Just Another Zara Item

Dear Wardrobe, How are you today? I feel great! I’ve spend a few days in Amsterdam with my love, and since I’m in love with this city (and him too of course) it made me really happy to stay here for a while. Last week I’ve shown you my newest item from Zara. Well, just like […]

Fall collection Zara

A perfect fall day

Dear Wardrobe, Today I wore my new Zara sweater/top (or something in between) for the first time. I bought it last weekend and couldn’t wait to wear it! The fabric of this top is a perfect transition piece, just what a woman in The Netherlands needs right now, during the most unpredictable time of the […]