It’s So Fluffy!

Dear Wardrobe,

If there’s one thing that can make me feel better, it’s fluffy stuff. I love everything fluffy, really. Even when I see the most fluffy teddy of pillow or whatever in a store, I need to at least touch it. It’s just the softness and harmlessness of it, which feels so good. That’s actually why I can’t let go of my sweet teddy bears, woops! But next to teddy’s and decor stuff, I also like to have fluffy clothes. So when I recently bumped into some fluffy mittens and a matching beanie, I could’t resist to buy them. And I’m still so in love with the fluffiness of it! The brand is Barts Accessoires. I’ve never heard from it before, but you can find these at Bijenkorf (a dutch warehouse).

Well, I’m totally prepared for the cold days now! Let the winter begin 🙂



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