Flower Power

Dear Wardrobe,

Do you know those moments, when you realize there’s a great item just hanging in your closet and you never ever wear it? Well, that’s a waste! So I decided to grab an old top, that I wore only twice before, and searched for a new combination, to give it a ‘new life’. The print is very prominent, which made it hard for me to feel comfortable in it, but I still liked it though. I chose to wear it with my leather skirt and a pair of black ankle boots, which makes the look kinda girly, but chic as well. I also loved the leather details on my sleeves matching with my leather skirt 🙂

P.S. Reinventing your own wardrobe is a great budget tip!
P.P.S. For all the tall women out there: midi-skirts will look so great on you. It looks great on every woman by the way. I love them. Please give it a try!



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