My All Time Fall Favorites

Dear Wardrobe,

As the days are getting colder, I really swear by having some good basics that I can wear the whole season. At the moment, some of my favorite basics are my overknee boots and my black turtleneck, in combination with a good pair of jeans. In my opinion overknee boots make every simple outfit a bit more fashionable and I think it accentuates my tall legs in a really good way. Similarly a turtleneck can be very chic and basic at the same time. Turtlenecks are like LBD’s to me, every woman should have one (or more than one!). The best thing about this outfit is the comfort while wearing these clothes. The boots are flat, which spares me some trouble. The top is warm en black, which also makes me look a bit thinner. And the jeans, well do I need to explain?

So now you may understand my love for basics, but to stay warm we also need a good coat. The one from today’s look is from last year’s winter collection of Vero Moda. I really had to fight for this color. It was sold out all the time, but I needed this one and I refused to buy any other color. But eventually I got it – of course – sooooo happy me! 🙂

I’m starting to miss these beautiful fall leaves already. Time to prepare for some snow now!



Fall Look

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