Exploring ’s Hertogenbosch

Dear Wardrobe,

Sorry for not keeping you posted last weeks. My life has been a bit boring lately, so I didn’t have that much to share. I’ve been visiting the gym a few times and I’ve been chilling, watching series and movies and stuff. Now that I’m writing this down, I realize that my life has really been very boring. I should do something about that. But there’s one thing I’m really excited about. That’s my new collaboration with ‘This Bag Is Not For Sale’. The designer and I are going to design my own personal bag together. Sounds awesome, right? I’ll keep you posted about that!

Of course I do have a new look for you. Because what would this dairy be without sharing an outfit? So, let’s talk fashion! Yesterday, while exploring my temporary hometown (gap year, living at my mom’s, long story short), I wore my sleeveless H&M blazer, which has been hanging in my closet for a long time. I bought it last year for spring, but I’m not wearing it very often. So let’s change that! I combined it with a turtleneck, simply because I love turtlenecks. The trousers, which I also don’t wear very often, are from WE Fashion. It’s a bit tight, more like leggings, and since my hips aren’t unnoticeable I don’t feel comfortable by wearing these. But by covering my hips with this long blazer I’m fine with it. I just like the green color so much! And last but not least, the burgundy bag. This bag was my favorite bag last year. I took it with me almost everyday to college, so it’s an oldie. But now that this color is so trendy in 2016, it’s still perfect for this season!

Oh and about ’s Hertogenbosch: while wandering around in the city we discovered lots of beautiful places, but the winner was obviously the cathedral. That building is mind blowing. You guys should really visit this city when you’re around.

Haven’t much more to tell about my boring life. I’ll talk to you next week, back in Amsterdam!





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