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It’s Good To Be Back

Dear Wardrobe,

Finally, after more than three months, I could go back to Amsterdam this week. I always love to be there. There is so much to see and to do. Even just walking around makes me so happy!

As always I love to dress up when I go to the city. This time I chose to wear my ST. Studio Jumpsuit from last years summer collection. It’s one of my favorite items, it’s just the best basic ever. It looks chic, but it’s so easy to wear at the same time. And comfortable, also very important! Later that day I bought a new necklace from a smal boutique in one of the ‘9 streets’, which is in my opinion definitely the best place to find some cool clothes. The necklace is gold plated, minimalistic, and I think very cute. I can wear it with every outfit!

Oh by the way, I also got a new bag from Zara. It was love at first sight. I really couldn’t resist this one, especially because it’s burgundy.

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