My All Time Fall Favorites

Dear Wardrobe, As the days are getting colder, I really swear by having some good basics that I can wear the whole season. At the moment, some of my favorite basics are my overknee boots and my black turtleneck, in combination with a good pair of jeans. In my opinion overknee boots make every simple outfit […]


I’ve Got Some New Shoes On!

Dear Wardrobe, As the leaves are falling and the nature is changing, it’s time to change my wardrobe too. Saying goodbye to my summer wardrobe and hello to my fall clothes always makes me a happy kid. One of my favorite items for fall are my ankle boots. This year I bought new ones from Sacha. I […]

From Above

A Day of Doing Nothing

Dear Wardrobe, This day wasn’t a very exciting one. I didn’t have any plans for today, so first I dragged myself to the gym. Well, that’s a start! But I never really work out long, so back to boredom again. But then I got the greatest idea: let’s try on a new combination with the clothes I […]

Amsterdam Dress Zara

Just Another Zara Item

Dear Wardrobe, How are you today? I feel great! I’ve spend a few days in Amsterdam with my love, and since I’m in love with this city (and him too of course) it made me really happy to stay here for a while. Last week I’ve shown you my newest item from Zara. Well, just like […]

Fall collection Zara

A perfect fall day

Dear Wardrobe, Today I wore my new Zara sweater/top (or something in between) for the first time. I bought it last weekend and couldn’t wait to wear it! The fabric of this top is a perfect transition piece, just what a woman in The Netherlands needs right now, during the most unpredictable time of the […]


Wearing Yellow on a Sunny Day

Dear Wardrobe,  Visiting Venice was a great experience. This city is so surprising. On the one hand the touristic attractions were overwhelmed with tourists. You couldn’t just walk around, you had to wrestle yourself though the crowd. But if you just walk a bit further, you wil discover the most quiet streets, with no cars, […]

Venice H&M

Printed Jumpsuit ~ H&M

Dear Wardrobe,  I’m exploring Venice with my brother for a few days. Our fist day in Venice was great. We’ve seen a lot already, this city is mind-blowing. The stores are all about luxury and the best of all is that the people are dressed so lovely! Some of the couples we’ve seen were so […]

Red Zara Top

Barcelona <3 Zara

Dear Wardrobe, If you ever go to Spain, and you love Zara as much as I do, you will have the time of your life. So did I. I visited Barcelona for more than a week and I think I’ve spend half the time (ok, maybe a bit less) shopping at Zara or Mango. When […]

Blue outfit

Mr. Blue Sky

Dear Wardrobe, Another hot day in Barcelona today. For this kind of days there’s one perfect outfit I love to wear. It’s my blue top from Zara with a cool printed short from a little store without a real name, except ‘Everything €29,95′. I hate it when I get all sweaty while wandering trough the […]

Zara summer collection 2016

Spring in Utrecht!

Dear Wardrobe, Welcome to Utrecht, the most beautiful city I’ve lived in so far. Utrecht may be a bit smaller than Amsterdam, but it’s still a wonderful place with great architecture and cute canals. I thinks the best thing about Utrecht is the small amount of tourists over here. You can explore the city in peace and quiet. […]