I’ve Got Some New Shoes On!

Dear Wardrobe, As the leaves are falling and the nature is changing, it’s time to change my wardrobe too. Saying […]

A Day of Doing Nothing

Dear Wardrobe, This day wasn’t a very exciting one. I didn’t have any plans for today, so first […]

Just Another Zara Item

Dear Wardrobe, How are you today? I feel great! I’ve spend a few days in Amsterdam with my […]

A perfect fall day

Dear Wardrobe, Today I wore my new Zara sweater/top (or something in between) for the first time. I […]

Wearing Yellow on a Sunny Day

Dear Wardrobe,  Visiting Venice was a great experience. This city is so surprising. On the one hand the […]

Printed Jumpsuit ~ H&M

Dear Wardrobe,  I’m exploring Venice with my brother for a few days. Our fist day in Venice was […]

Barcelona <3 Zara

Dear Wardrobe, If you ever go to Spain, and you love Zara as much as I do, you […]

Mr. Blue Sky

Dear Wardrobe, Another hot day in Barcelona today. For this kind of days there’s one perfect outfit I […]

Spring in Utrecht!

Dear Wardrobe, Welcome to Utrecht, the most beautiful city I’ve lived in so far. Utrecht may be a bit smaller […]