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15 Facts You Should Know About Me

Dear Wardrobe,

Although this blog is more like a style diary, I wanted to make it a bit more personal as well. So today I’m sharing some facts about me, so you’ll get to know me better :).

Green dress

15 facts about me: 

1. Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 7 years already 
First question that pops up all the time is ‘Wow, so you were 14 when you met him?’ Yes, I was. He was 17, I was 14. Back then he liked me and asked me on a date, and we haven’t been apart ever since. Yay 🙂

2. I’m a perfectionist and a control freak
It’s something I love and hate about myself at the same time. Without my perfectionism I wouldn’t be where I am now. But I also stress all the time about my future, and I would love if I could just turn that button off for a day.

3. I don’t have (or need) many friends
It’s not that I’m anti-social or something, but I just don’t think I need to have hundreds of regular friends, when I can have a few really great friends. So I’m good with a few girls that I think are so much fun and will always be there for me, and I’m not really paying attention to groups of friends who go to every party together. Just not my thing, I guess.

4. I’m not sure ‘where I’m from’
After my parents divorced, I had to find a home with my mom. In three years we had to move a few times, until we found a place to stay permanently. When we finally moved into that house, it was time for me to move out to my dorm room in Utrecht. Two years later my mother moved in with my new ‘stephdad’ in a new house on the other side of the country, and last year I moved back in also. So at the moment I’m living with my mom again in a unfamiliar town, but next to that I’m also staying a lot at my boyfriends place in Amsterdam. Long story short, I actually don’t know where I belong anymore. People often ask me ‘Where are you from’. Then I’m like ‘Eeeergh, well, I was born and raised there, then I moved over there, but now I’m living in two totally different places and next year I will move back, soooo, I’m not sure…?’

5. I can get stressed about my clothes
Picking the right outfit can get very frustrating. I can stress about it like people stress about work, I can plan my outfit days (or even weeks or months) before I need to wear it and I really hate it when I’m wearing an outfit I’m not a 100% good with. I think this goes together with my perfectionism.

6. Last summer I graduated from University
I’ve been studying in Utrecht for three years, and now I’ve got an official Bachelors degree, which I’m very proud of. Next year I will be attending University again for my Masters degree. Not really looking forward to that, but this will be for only one year, so I will be fine 😉

7. I’m having an ‘age-crisis’ at the moment
When it comes to being an adult or a parent, I still feel like I’m a little child. I’m definitely not ready for the bigger picture with a house and kids and working a fulltime job also seems very unrealistic at the moment. I still feel like I’m way too young for all that ‘adult stuff’. But on the other hand, when I’m going out or when I see other girls/women (don’t even know what to call myself?) my age, I feel pretty grown up already. For example, I’m pretty done with being ‘drunk’ and even more with the childish fights some girls still have. In those situations I even feel like a granny. Something like a quarter-life crisis?

8. I’m often scared that people don’t like me
I’m either scared that people think I’m arrogant or I’m scared that they think I’m boring. It really depends on the kind of people I meet. I think it’s because I can be very serious, which maybe makes me look arrogant or boring at first sight. Above that, I also don’t want other people to feel uncomfortable, so I won’t even act arrogant unless I really don’t like someone. All of this makes that I’ve become a pleaser. I like to adjust to other peoples opinion and lifestyle (to a certain extent), so they will like me anyway. Still need to work on that…

9. I’m lazy and definitely not a morning person
Especially now that I’m taking a gap year and I’m working from home, I won’t be out of bed before 9AM. If I have to get up before 9, it’s the hardest thing ever. I just can’t get up in the morning. I hate the alarm and my cute teddy bear feels even more soft and fluffy when I wake up. So I can’t refuse to turn the alarm off and fall asleep again. Okay, if I realllllly have to get up I will get up, of course. But you can count those days on one hand.

10. I can be an emotional wreck
When I watch a sad movie, I always think it’s my life falling apart over there. So when I see a break up or a saying goodbye, It’s hard for me not to cry. I prefer to let it all go, but that feels silly, so I just bite my tongue and watch the movie like everyone else :’)
Oh, and I’m also very good at crying spontaneously. When I’m in a bad mood, tears may suddenly start to fall down, which can be very awkward for my boyfriend. But I really think it’s good to show some emotion now and then, so I’m not afraid of crying when I really really want to!

11. I don’t like being dutch
Even better, sometimes I’m ashamed of our culture. People can be so selfish over here. It would be great if we help each other out a little more, but most people just want to be the best by getting others down. I also don’t like the ‘just act normal’ part of this country. What if I don’t want to? What if I think that ’normal’ is just ‘boring’? I personally like to wear a cool outfit everyday and do my make-up et cetera, but everytime I decide to go for it, everyone asks if I’m going to a special occasion. Really, why does there have to be a special occasion to get dressed the way you like it? I just don’t like that mentality at all.

12. I love being creative
Although I’ve never been really talented in one thing, I have always loved to be creative. I started dancing at young age and tried to expand this with making music on a keyboard (never succeeded though). I also love to draw, but I’ve never really been good at that either. Later I started with making online fashion and art collages, for which I used I could do this all day and actually started dreaming about my own magazine. Next to that I’ve always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. I also designed a dress for my high school exams! And now that I finally discovered the possibilities of Instagram, I’m totally obsessed with it!

13. I can be very scared of things
Sometimes at night all these scary thoughts come up about ghosts and burglars. I don’t know why it comes op now and then, but it makes me feel like a scared child. I also get very frightened from all the news about terrorism lately. This can make me scared every day, in public areas or even at home. I guess it’s part of my control freak character, which makes me scared of unpredictable happenings.

14. In two months I will be going on a solo trip trough the USA 
And I’m so looking forward to it! In may I will be flying to Los Angeles, where I’m meeting an old friend of mine. We’ve known each other for 9 years (I guess) and she left The Netherlands 7 years ago to start her life in America. I can’t wait to finally see where she lived all these years. Further I will explore California (San Diego/San Fransisco). Then, on June 10th, I’ve booked a trip trough the states, from SF to NY. This trip is with a group of internationals. And after that my boyfriend will fly to NY to meet me there, and we will travel the last weeks together! So this is basically what I’ve dreamed of for years and I can’t wait for this adventure to begin!! And yeah, I’m also freaking out about the ‘solo’ part of this trip, but hey, it will be worth it :’)

If you want to follow my solotrip, please follow me on Instagram. I will be posting some updates now and then 😉

15. I rarely wear sneakers 
Most of the time I wear heels or flat boots or sandals. If you ever see me wearing sneakers, it’s a miracle. I do have some pairs of course, but it just doesn’t feel right. Guess it’s not my style. I’m trying to fit them into my looks more often, and since I’m only bringing sneakers, sandals and flip-flops to the USA, I don’t really have a choice, so let’s see how that works out next season 🙂

Well, enough about me. I hope that I can share a new outfit very soon!


12 thoughts on “15 Facts You Should Know About Me

  1. Haha it was nice to know these facts about you! We have a few things in common, I can be an emotional wreck as well.Emotional scenes in movies and tv shows always get to me. I also don’t see the need for loads of friends. You and your boyfriend have been together for quite a while, that’s so cute! xx

    Coco Bella Blog

  2. Wow, these are fascinating! I wish you best in your solo trip to the US (I would be so scared, but I’m sure it will be worth it). Also, it’s amazing that you’ve been committed for 7 years – I can’t even get a guy to message me back ;D I can also relate to numbers 3,8, and 10. This was such an interesting read. 🙂

    -Alicia. x | Lifestyle & Advice

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